“Beat That Kid in Chess” is for the Early Beginner

A Chess Book for Beginners

How few instructional chess books are suitable for the early beginner, the chess player who knows the rules but little else about the game! The cover of Beat That Kid in Chess might suggest it’s for children, but the reading level is more for teenagers and adults rather than little kids, even though a little kid is shown on the cover.

Many chess competitors would find Beat That Kid in Chess too elementary, with hardly anything to offer for the average tournament player. Yet how many persons know the rules of chess but have hardly a clue about how to play well! This is a book for the average (or below average) person who just wants a little help in winning a chess game against somebody who already knows a little bit about winning.

This 194-page paperback was written with a modest goal: Teach and prepare the raw beginner to win a game of chess, even if it’s against another raw beginner. Yet in the process of applying these lessons, through competition over the board, the reader will graduate from that lowest level of beginner, winning games against other beginners.

Chess book for the raw beginner

Beat That Kid in Chess, by Whitcomb

Quoting From the Book

It gives many examples, in large chess diagrams, with emphasis on observing those chess positions. Yet the book also gives advice in words:

Keep your king safe, especially early and in the middle of a game. After most of the pieces have been captured (and no queens are left), it may be important to use it as a fihting force, but not when it can get into danger. . . . Castle early to get your king closer to a safe corner. [page 6]

In some positions, three things can be done when your piece is in danger of being captured: Move it to a safe square or protect it or ignore the threat by attacking something. But white has no good attack here. [Diagram-12, page 22]



Winning Against a Younger Chess Player

This book has been carefully crafted for the raw beginner who wants to win a chess game as soon as possible.

A Checkmate Puzzle

Chess for Children

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